Pregnant Kavita Channe, CEO of Channé Rosé, Due in May for Rosé Season

Introducing Kavita Channe, a one woman show who birthed a rosé wine brand, Channé Rosé, in conjunction with her firstborn daughter. While pregnant, Kavita would knock on doors, visit distributors, and launched her wine business while a baby was growing in her womb. Channe says, “IT WAS NOT EASY ADJUSTING TO MOTHERHOOD WITH A NEW BUSINESS THAT WAS MY “BABY” TOO.” With millions of rosé wines in the US to choose from, Kavita was tired of trying different options to only be disappointed in the offerings on wine menus across our nation. She set off to search different regions and met with over 100 winemakers to find the BEST rosé that would appeal to every palate and deliver the most gorgeous pale copper color, and with one sip, bring to mind St. Tropez. Channé Rosé is comprised of a special blend of grapes: Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre. This special selection is also a blend of 3 different soils of Côtes de Provence. Elegant, crisp, very smooth and round with hints of apricot and cherry, Channé Rosé is truly high quality and enjoyable with many different cuisines from seafood (expected) to red meat (unexpected). One can also enjoy this blend throughout the year, no need to wait until summer.

Currently on her second year working on the brand and pregnant with baby number two (due in May for Rosé season), this single mama has her work cut out for her. In less than two years, Channé Rosé has become a favorite in South Florida and has expanded to Georgia through Republic National Distributing Company, one of the largest distributors in the nation. What makes Channé Rosé different from competitors? UNWAVERING DEDICATION TO PROVIDING QUALITY JUICE VERSUS TURNING A PROFIT. Kavita started off her journey as a wine aficionado and sells the best, including appearances at the Ft. Lauderdale Food and Wine Festival, with a gorgeous bottle and a sexy exposed cork. Channe has emceed and donated wine to top organizations and non-profits that help raise money for the community. Channe believes giving is living, and has worked with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Heart Association, Pediatrics Associates, HANDY, 211 Broward and the American Red Cross, to name a few. She also co-founded “Dining for a Difference,” partnering with restaurants to provide five-course tastings with wine pairings to raise money and awareness for various charities. The wine is donated from outside wine producers — including Channé Rosé — and each dinner sponsors a different charity or organization. Guests are also handpicked– individuals going beyond in the community, based on specific criteria.

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Channé Rosé, derived from the coast of Provence from the magnificent hidden gem of Hyères outside of St. Tropez, is truly unique. Grapes are carefully hand-picked and harvested at night when the temperatures are the lowest to ensure the least oxidation and color extraction during the pressing stage. Kavita was extremely picky about the color of the rosé. It had to be something that appealed to both the ladies and gentlemen. Its color is stunning, sophisticated and luminous. You can get a bottle of Channé Rosé at Lobster Bar Miami for $52 or $13 by the glass. Channé Rosé is offered in and around South Florida at various restaurants including Lobster Bar in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Valentino’s, One Door East, Café Maxx, Pompano Beach House, CHOPS Boca, and at Barrique of Avondale in Jacksonville.

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