Snap Kitchen’s New Breakfast Menu!

For the first time Snap Kitchen has introduced a portable breakfast option which is their turkey sausage sandwich on a cauli-bun. They are taking veggies like cauliflower to create healthy hacked takes on southern brunch classics like Cheesy Cauliflower Grits (cooked from scratch daily) and have created a breakfast salad with super foods and an over-easy egg. Stop in to any seven of Snap Kitchen’s Chicago locations to try!

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich:
The breakfast game is about to change at Snap Kitchen thanks to this delicious, portable, and paleo breakfast sandwich.

• The magic in this sandwich lies in the bun, which we bake fresh in our own kitchens. The batter includes a mix of almond flour, coconut flour, egg, extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, and- wait for it–   CAULIFLOWER. The best part? It tastes just like the bread you crave, but is made with ingredients you can actually pronounce.
• You’ll also find a housemade turkey sausage patty & baked cage-free, Certified Humane egg whites for a hearty helping of protein to give this portable breakfast some serious staying power
Superfood Sunrise Salad:
This summer, we’re all about eating veggies for breakfast, and this breakfast salad is our go-to for doing just that

  • Baby spinach provides a leafy green base (full of fiber, vitamin K, A, and folate) for roasted butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, fresh blueberries, purple cabbage, and a cage-free egg cooked over easy.
  • We even blend up our own tangy (and pink!) strawberry pecan vinaigrette.
  • This dish can be enjoyed chilled or slightly warmed, and adds another Whole30 & vegetarian dish to our breakfast lineup!

Breakfast Platter:
Now this is what the All American Breakfast should be– a balanced plate with quality ingredients, hearty protein, healthy fat, sneaky veggies, and no added sugar.

• To keep calories within our standards, we fill one third of the platter with a 1:1 cage-free egg scramble (half egg whites, half whole eggs). Eggs, especially the whites, are a great source of protein. They also provide selenium, vitamins A, D, E, K, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.
• We’ve partnered with a sausage purveyor based in Ponder, TX to create a custom pork sausage blend just for us. It’s made from antibiotic-free pork and contains no added nitrates/nitrites or sugar.
• The rest of the plate is filled with our housemade cheesy cauliflower grits.
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