Fore! The 4th Sudden Coffee

With the introduction of Fore!, Sudden Coffee adds another extraordinary coffee to their collection. This limited edition offering is a blend of two single-origin coffees, one from Colombia and one from Guatemala.

The 4th Sudden Coffee

The name is a whimsical play on the flavor profile. “Fore!’s flavor reminds us of an Arnold Palmer, so naturally we looked to golf for the name. It’s also our fourth coffee release, or as I call it, coffee number Fore!” says Umeko Motoyoshi, Head of Coffee at Sudden.


These coffees were sourced and roasted by 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters.Based in Vancouver, BC, 49th is known for the meticulous care in all they do — from sourcing the best coffees in the world, to maintaining supply chain transparency, to roasting carefully in small batches. The Guatemalan beans were grown inSan Jose Poaquil, a few hours northwest of Antigua and 49th Parallel selected them for their sweetness and flavor clarity. The Colombian beans, grown by three smallholder farmers in Samaniego, are incredibly complex and taste of bright red fruits.


The magic of Fore! comes in the blending process. Unlike every other coffee company, Sudden blends their coffee after brewing and freeze-drying. To achieve the full flavor of the beans, unique brewing profiles are required for each blend component. Sudden brews each coffee for optimal flavor and then dries and blends afterward, guaranteeing the signature flavors from each bean will shine through.


Sudden Coffee is a life-saver for those mornings you’re in a hurry to get a cup on the way out the door, when you need good coffee on-the-go, and even for extra energy on the links!

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