Harvesting Beer at Rogue Farms

On a cool Willamette Valley morning, tractors set to work on Rogue Farms hopyard for the brewery’s 9th hop harvest. Over the next three weeks, 10 varietals of proprietary hops will be picked, stripped, sorted, kilned, cooled and baled for transport to Rogue’s brewery 77 miles away in Newport, Oregon. This year’s harvest includes two new proprietary hop strains, Keven and Adair, which are now fully matured and brew-ready.

Trucks and tractors on the move through the hopyard.

Rogue is one of the only U.S. breweries to operate its own farm, staying true to the company’s DIY, ground-to-glass philosophy. The 52 acres of hops harvested will be used in Rogue’s Farm Beers, including the Hop Family IPA series, which features field-guide style labels to distinguish the hops in each IPA, as well as Honey Kolsch, Pumpkin Patch Ale and Fresh Roast.

“Hop production around the farm has increased dramatically since we first became farmers in 2008,” said Rogue President Brett Joyce. “Growing hops is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, but it also helps to guarantee our supply and quality while allowing us to keep our Brewmaster, John ‘More Hops’ Maier, happy with unique, aromatic hops.”

The Hop Family series of beers is available nationally in stores, as well as on draft in select locations. Find Hop Family beers using Rogue’s Beer Finder. For more information visit Rogue.com.

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