Clean-up Your Cake! Supernatural Debuts New Creative Baking Collection

Colors rule. Sprinkles are magic. Veggies make sweets better? A lot of baking ingredients make perfectly good treats cringeworthy, and not just kinda. Artificial colors, preservatives and other usual suspects have ties to cancer, ADHD, allergies and more. So, it’s no wonder Supernatural wished for something better. It took a few years, but nature delivered (like the O.G. rainbow maker would ever let us down). Supernatural’s flavorless plant-based food colors are the first heat-resistant natural colors for home chefs — making mom’s colorful cupcakes the hit of the bake sale. They’re the keystone product of the company’s debut collection, which launched exclusively this month in Whole Foods (NE), along with the better-for-you, soy-free sprinkles of your dreams.

“Like almost every kid in America, my parents only wanted me to only eat healthy and nutritious foods growing up,” says Carmel Hagen, Founder and CEO of Supernatural. “My sweet tooth was having none of it, so I began baking my own desserts. Not all of their lessons were lost on me, as I was increasingly uneasy about the ingredients I used and their potential effects. I felt that I could make eating bad not so bad, and eating natural a lot more fun!”

Made from highly concentrated veggies, fruits, and spices, the colors are three times more vibrant than other alternatives to artificial colors (pretty food FTW!). Plus, they’re flavorless after adding to any frosting or recipe. The result of testing over 80 natural sources of color, the four shades — Pomegranate, Orange, Yellow, and Magic Blackberry — are able to withstand more heat exposure than any existing natural color options, expanding creative opportunities for home chefs beyond frosting. What’s so magic about Blackberry? It’s color changing! Blue in water, purple in milk, and pink in lemon juice, it’s really the unicorn of plant-based colors.

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Also featuring plant-based colors are Supernatural’s Soy-Free Sprinkles, available in two varieties: Starfetti and White Sequins. Formulated without common allergens or palm oil, these allergy-friendly sprinkles are the first confetti shapes available to Whole Foods shoppers. They’re perfect for adding that necessary final flourish on ice cream, cupcakes, and other creative treats.

Supernatural products are exclusively available in Whole Foods NE Region through February 2018 (brick and mortar) and are also available on Amazon and at


Supernatural Rainbow Rice Krispy

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