Hard Frescos Brewing Company Releases New Agua Frescas

Hard Frescos, the San Francisco Brewery, draws influences from both California and Mexico to brew their refreshing agua frescas. The company started in a Mexican brewery and then perfected their recipe alongside experts at the University of California, Davis. Each can is a perfectly blended combination of real fruit, extracts, and yeast.

The California company introduced two new flavors this season: Hoppy Tamarindo Dia de Los Muertos Ale and Pepino y Limón. Both beverages are gluten free and equally delicious. Hoppy Tamarindo Dia de Los Muertos Ale has notes of crisp cider and a dry finish. The unfiltered ale finishes dry on the palate with strong mango; citrus hop aromas, and minimal bitterness. Pepino y Limón is light and refreshing combination of cucumber and citrus. Hard Frescos also has classic flavors such as Guava Citrico, Juicy Jamaica (Hibiscus), Tangy Tamarindo, and Ginger + Kola Seed. Hard Frescos’ cans also feature artwork from local street team artists in San Francisco and Mexico City

For more information about Hard Frescos, visit http://www.hardfrescos.com/.  

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