Forno de Minas Introduces Two New Products to U.S. Market

Cheese Sticks and Multigrain Join Renowned Pão de Queijo to Give Americans More Ways to Enjoy Brazilian Favorite

MIAMI—March 2019 – This month, Forno de Minas—the international brand behind the authentic “Brazilian bites for cheese lovers” created in Brazil’s heartland—is expanding its presence in the U.S. market with the introduction of two new products: Pão de Queijo Multigrain and Pão de Queijo Cheese Sticks, available now for supermarkets, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and other businesses operating in the food service industry.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce these two new delicious products to the U.S. market!” said Forno’s Marketing Manager Tamyres Romano. “Our Pão de Queijo Multigrain is a product that addresses the growing U.S. need for healthier options, and the Pão de Queijo Cheese Sticks are ideal for cheese lovers who enjoy entertaining guests.”    

The Pão de Queijo Cheese Sticks showcase the fun side of Pão de Queijo, containing 17% more cheese than the original cheese rolls for a more flavorful bite, and are perfect for sharing given their dipping-friendly shape. They pair nicely with marinara sauce and guacamole, conjuring images of parties and get-togethers.

The Pão de Queijo Multigrain rolls, on the other hand, are for the more health-conscious eater. They boast more fiber; a variety of grains like golden and brown flaxseed and sunflower seeds; and are a lactose-free and gluten-free option. Soft on the inside with a slight crunch on the outside, Pão de Queijo Multigrain is a great side for lunch and dinner and a healthy option for a well-balanced breakfast.

Par-baked and only a five-minute prep in your oven, Forno’s two new products are both easily prepared, versatile offerings that are all-natural, gluten-free, allergen-friendly and yeast-free. The creation of “Dona” Dalva, Forno is dedicated to offering all-natural products made from locally sourced ingredients. Pão de Queijo started as an easy-prep delight Ms. Dalva baked for family and friends, but in 1990 she began selling her delicacy in a small shop in the state capital. It quickly became the go-to snack food for millions of Brazilians, and in 2014 Forno’s Pão de Queijo entered the U.S. market, finding a home in supermarkets, movie theaters and restaurants across the nation.

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Today, Forno’s traditional Pão de Queijo has taken flight in Brazilian hotbeds like Boston, Miami and New York, and it’s especially flying off the shelves in Texas at both local grocers and mass distributors. Given the popularity and positive reception to Forno’s acclaimed Pão de Queijo, the success of Forno’s Multigrain and Cheese Sticks looks promising.

“It’s always exciting to think of new ways to meet the needs of the American market,” continues Romano. “With the emphasis on nutrition, flavor and convenience, we look forward to having consumers experience Pão de Queijo in new and creative ways.”

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About Forno De Minas

For decades, “Dona” Dalva delighted her family with the Pão de Queijo she baked at home in Brazil. This inspired her to share her delicacy with others, and in 1990 she launched Forno de Minas, a family-owned company she runs jointly to this day with her children. Operating in the United States since 2014, Forno’s is the pioneer producer of frozen Pão de Queijo and exports to countries around the world. Forno’s Pão de Queijo is available in grocery retailers, movie theaters and restaurants throughout the United States.