Green & Gold Macadamias pioneers food ingredient opportunities

Green & Gold Macadamias pioneers food ingredient opportunities

Investment into new macadamia nut product development innovation delivers

Macadamias prove highly stable emulsification properties and retain creamy texture
Neutral flavour and high fat content make macadamias an excellent flavour carrier
Highest growth average (57%) of all nuts over the last ten years
80% daily protein to come from plant based food, 40% recommended to come from nuts

30 April 2019: Green & Gold Macadamias (G&G) announces its investment into an ongoing programme to inspire innovation in how macadamias are used at all levels of the supply chain.

A leading new product development laboratory and kitchen was selected to deliver the first phase of the initiative which tested macadamias as a diary alternative in creating a mushroom soup, mango smoothie and yoghurt. Results demonstrate tangible business possibility while delivering to healthy eating consumer demands.

The recent EAT-Lancet commission findings further bolster this. According to the report, nearly half (40%) of the recommended daily protein calorie requirement should come from nuts, with legumes representing a further 40%. The remaining 20% suggested to optionally come from animal sources. Additionally, it estimates that currently, nuts have the lowest representation in what we consume daily, further illustrating the enormous untapped potential.

“To meet objectives of transforming the global food system, it is estimated that the consumption of nuts needs to double by 2050. Macadamias currently are small in supply by comparison to other nuts, but this is changing rapidly. Exponential increase in available product presents remarkable previously unexplored opportunity for the macadamia industry,” comments Brian Loader, CEO, Green & Gold Macadamias.

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Overall global tree nut supply has grown by 47% in the last ten years. And, macadamias lead the way in demonstrating the largest supply availability growth in the last ten years: an impressive 57%. Higher volumes of macadamia supply avails the scale to develop new products.

“It is only a matter a time before macadamias take their rightful place alongside, and at times supercede, other nut counterparts in dairy alternatives, bakery, butters, pastes and others. Not only of the health necessity of plant based eating – but also its intersection with better preserving our planet – is being understood and adopted. Many of our customers are strategically focussed to reorient their business in support of plant based foods,” continues Loader.

To date G&G has focussed testing whether macadamias retain their creamy textural advantage as a liquid when used as a dairy replacement. Three products have successfully been developed including mushroom soup, mango smoothie and yoghurt. This proof of concept has brought to life the potential of alternative macadamia applications.

The most outstanding finding is, due to their high healthy fat content, macadamias have very high and stable emulsification properties. This means little to no product separation together with the preservation of creamy texture. Additionally, they are neutral in flavour (unlike coconut for example) which makes way for a variety of uses, sweet, salty and otherwise. It is also found to be an excellent flavour carrier, again due to its high fat content.

Focus group findings supported that, from both taste and texture perspectives, participants could not tell that macadamia was used instead of milk for both the soup and the smoothie. The yoghurt texture resembled that of dairy yoghurt, however participants could taste that macadamias we used – for some that was positive, for others not. Acceptance and preference testing received a variety of scores, some being preferred in blind tests with large corporate brands.

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“We have long believed in the potential of macadamias – from their unique health, taste and textural benefits through to their perception of being rare and luxury.The G&G team is infinitely buoyed by what this initial foray into how the future looks for how macadamias are consumed. Increases in supply means the industry will no longer play second fiddle to the larger nut counterparts in this sector,” concludes Loader.

Quick facts:

33% increase in value of macadamias in the last year
59 300 mt tons kernel forecast for 2019. Up 18% on 2017
Production up 57% over prior ten year average
South Africa 29%, Australia 25%, Kenya 13%, China 10% are the globes leading growing regions
US and China are the world’s largest consumers of macadamias



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