Americano 2211 Warms to Summer by Releasing New Handcrafted Ice Cream Menu in Chicago

Americano 2211 launches a new ice cream program just in time for summer. Nancy Silver, partner and pastry chef of Americano 2211, creates unique flavors that were first pioneered through her ice cream company Snooklefritz and were served at acclaimed Chicago venues such as Big Star and The Violet Hour. Her frozen creations then went on to gain word-of-mouth notoriety at Chicago farmer’s markets. Americano 2211’s ice cream lineup of gourmet flavors will rotate with the seasons served and will be available year-round for Americano 2211’s guests.
ice cream chicago
Silver’s rich, custard style ice creams are each handcrafted in small batches, made from peak-of-season ingredients, free of any additives or preservatives, and served in half-pint to-go containers. A 6-year Green City Market veteran, Silver embraces locally-sourced items in creating her ice creams, including fresh cream from Kilgus Farmstead, Meadow Haven Farm fresh eggs, and Ellis Farm fruits and honey. 
In addition to ice cream flavors that include espresso ice cream with red wine cherries and crushed amaretti, caramelized banana-chocolate chip, and classic vanilla bean, guests can expect rhubarb-creme fraiche sherbet and early golden plum sorbet to grace the menu this summer. Select ice cream flavors will also be served, sandwiched between Silver’s bakery cookies like the neighborhood favorite, TCHO chocolate chip cookie. Guests can expect a rotating selection of around a half-dozen seasonal ice cream flavors available by the half-pint for $5.50. 
The introduction of Silver’s ice cream to Americano 2211 paves the way for a range of espresso-friendly affogatos in addition to an ambitious baked Alaska, making an appearance during the café’s forthcoming dinner service. 
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