Chicago’s Jameson Irish Whiskey Bar Crawl at GreenRiver, Boiler Room and Bar Deville

Despite having spent many Chicago nights on self-guided whiskey tours throughout the city, few have come close to the Jameson Irish Whiskey curated Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl I was lucky enough to enjoy on March 10 (SPOILER ALERT: It ended with Jameson ice cream – Gasp! Swoon!)

GreenRiver Punch

The evening began at Danny Meyer’s aptly named GreenRiver (Streeterville.) Upon arrival we met our Jameson Brand Ambassador and hostess for the evening, Neve, a Dublin native who would be experiencing her very first Chicago-style St. Patrick’s Day this year. As members of the group began to join us, we were presented with a punch bowl featuring an off-menu Jameson Irish Whiskey Punch. The five+ ingredients (including, but not limited to: Jameson, Aquavit, apricot liqueur, ginger ale, pure delight, etc.) deep feature went down a treat, but the sweet flavor masked the cocktail’s hidden punch. After mingling, and marveling at the hand-chiseled ice ball, which wasbecoming more pronounced as the punch itself quickly dissipated, we were ushered into shuttles heading towards our next destination.

In the way that Jameson nights tend to go (at least in my case…) the short caravan across town gave our rosy cheeked crew enough time to bond, and we emerged at our second locale as newly found friends. If you knew nothing about Bar Deville (West Town,) the Jameson mural covering an exterior wall would be a clear read that we were in the right place. The cocktail on showcase here was the Sazerac, and it was on point. As we neared the bottoms of our cocktails, it happened. A tray of Jameson, in its most pure & natural form – shots, was passed around. We toasted the host. We toasted the group. We toasted the night…we were well on our way to being toasted. On to the next!

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Logan Square’s Boiler Room is the number one Jameson bar in all of Chicago, and I have four sneaking suspicions as to why:

1) The daily “PB&J” special. For a measly $8.50, you will receive a 16 oz. PBR, a (MONSTROUS) slice of pizza, and you’ve guessed it – a shot of Jameson.

Boiler Room PBR & Pizza Special

2) The Jameson cocktail served to our group was one of the most delicious & smokiest whiskey cocktails I’ve ever had.
3) If you use their ATM, bring your receipt to the bar & they will “reimburse” you via a shot of your choosing. As mentioned before, Jameson holds its own as a standalone.

Jameson Shots Slainte

4) Ice cream, JAMESON ice cream. At first glance, it looks like vanilla. At first taste, it tastes like vanilla and then BOOM you’re hit with the sweet, sweet taste of Jameson!

Boiler Room Jameson Ice Cream


Long story short, if you’re in need of finding a venue to consume Jameson in, these three spots hit the mark. Cheers!